Dress up those toes for the rains

Dress up those toes for the rains

We are just a few days away from the arrival of the rain gods in Mumbai.

If puddle hopping and flaunting bright apparel for your feet is your scene, go right ahead and indulge those twinkle toes. All you need to do is guard against unseemly accidents, allergies and discomfort by bearing in mind a few tips to keep those feet in top shape.

Keep leather shoes away from your sight, focus on grip and go for easy to maintain footwear when it is raining cats and dogs. It is important that your feet are held in place so that you don't slip if your shoes get wet," says Reen Wadia, footwear designer. She also suggests avoiding leather as it can get spoilt easily due to moisture.

"Leather has a tendency to support the growth of fungus and bacteria when wet, making it an uncomfortable choice for the monsoon," she adds.
Ok! So now we know what to keep away from. But then what do you wear?
Designer Lina Tipnis of Linarika has some styles chalked out for you.

"A pair of flip-flops, as they are easy to maintain and dry easily. It is important to pick gladiators or low heels with an ankle strap detail to ensure that your foot has the required grip to brave the messy puddles and slippery pavements," she says.

"Sometimes, for corporate dressing or formal occasions, a pair of neutral closed shoes is an absolute requirement. In such a scenario, having a pair of closed shoes in canvas or PVC makes sure that your feet are protected from the rain," she adds.

And if you want to add retro funk to your style, then nothing better than gumboots. Forget the boring black ones of your childhood and go for the psychedelic coloured ones in shades of fuschia, aqua blue and sunshine yellow. Splash some imagination with acrylic prints like polka dots or floral too.

This monsoon put your best foot forward. In style!