All you need to know about Frohar Foundation's 'The Zorastrian Saga'


Just like other communities, Mumbai’s Zorastrain or the Parsi community, as we lovingly know, has always been an integral part of the city. Frohar foundation has been organizing the 2 day event “The Zorastrian Saga” for quite many years now to share the knowledge of the Zorastrain community, as not many of us know a lot about their origins and the importance of their religion.

The Iranian community in India has given many well known people to the country, who have contributed their part in many ways.

The event saw a display of Agyari, topma , charts, poster, diagrams, entertainment programs, shows on cultural importance and knowledge areas which talk strongly about their kings, dynasty and the religion.

The aim of this exhibition is to create awareness about the Parsis and the community to the younger generation across all the religions.

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