In a first of its kind, Retirement Resorts are here to help you find your 'Ikigai'

Welldercare' is India's first LAAS (Lifestyle as service) Luxury model for senior retirement founded by Kanishka Acharya. They are evaluating locations in Karjat, Lonavala and Panvel located near Mumbai to launch a resort.

In a first of its kind, Retirement Resorts are here to help you find your 'Ikigai'
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'Welldercare' is India's first LAAS (Lifestyle as service) Luxury model for senior retirement. It will launch its first set of resorts in the next six months at four scenic locations. The company plans to scale its network of retirement resorts to 20 locations in the next 24 months. They are evaluating locations in Karjat, Lonavala and Panvel located near Mumbai to launch a resort.

Welldercare shall launch its first set of resorts in Goa, Cochin, Kumarakom and Munnar in the next three months at scenic locations.

The idea to come up with the same is because in India, by 2026, the number of seniors above the age of 60 is expected to grow from 143 million to 173 million, and by 2050, 20% of the population will comprise seniors. With children often settled abroad or working in distant cities, 'Welldercare' will ensure to create a meaningful social impact by addressing the 60+ demographic.

They have the Best Years Program (BYP), the flagship program. They will launch the first BYP at a destination location - Fort Chanwa, 45 minutes from Jodhpur, known for its traditional Rajasthani personalized hospitality.

In an exclusive chat with Mumbai Live, the Founder & CEO of Welldercare, Kanishka Acharya, gave us insights about 'Welldercare.'

Can you tell us what inspired you to come up with this unique idea?

Even when all live together, with work responsibilities and other pressing social and financial obligations, it becomes emotionally challenging and physically taxing for children to provide care as needed by the parents. I decided to create a meaningful social impact by addressing the 60+ demographic with a person-centred curated bespoke Lifestyle as a Service (LAAS) model.

Can you share Welldercare's plans for Indian markets?

The company aims to set up a Pan India network of Retirement resorts to offer a diverse experience of carefree living without the need to BUY into any class of real estate. The retirement resorts deliver holistic wellbeing and the highest quality care all at one all-inclusive affordable price. They will be supported by best-in-class doctors, caregivers, nurses, nutritionists, counsellors, yoga coaches and physiotherapists. Our Greenfield development projects for senior living communities will create capacity for up to 4000 residents.

You have mentioned the BYP programme. Can you enlighten us about the same?

 Best Years Program, the flagship program focused on rediscovering the joy of living for the 60+. The three-week program is based on deep behavioural psychology and ancient Indian learnings to identify what participants are seeking in their lives and empower them to achieve it. With engaging social programs, and activities, the program aims to set the path to active ageing by building and leveraging the power of communities. The program guarantees newfound empowerment among seniors, confidence, a defined focus, and drive towards a more fulfilling life and helps discover their 'Ikigai.' 

What exactly will the resorts offer to the senior citizens? How will it help them in finding their 'ikigai'?

Welldercare’s vision defines a pan India community of retirement resorts with a focus on holistic wellbeing and high-quality care at a reasonably all-inclusive value. The whole purpose is to provide hyper-personalized services to these veterans with the best in house doctors, caregivers, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and yoga instructors. We bring together AI with emotional intelligence, priority access to best-in-class healthcare, world-class hospitality, and an outcome-based approach to set the gold standard in holistic wellness ensuring these senior citizens live happy and healthy. We aim to ensure that they transform and reengineer their thought process towards a better future and not just retire but THRIVE at the Welldercare retirement resorts.

What other changes and developments are you planning to bring in Welldercare?

We have partnerships with global players to develop cutting edge technology for planned care, the first of its kind in the world, thereby leveraging AI and emotional intelligence for non-intrusive health and wellness monitoring. 

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