International Dog Day: Top 5 Dog Instagram Accounts To Follow

From Sahil Shah's Goodestboysofbombay to Tucker, these are the top 5 Instagram accounts you can follow.

International Dog Day: Top 5 Dog Instagram Accounts To Follow

What could be better than your Instagram or Facebook feed filled with dog posts from across the globe? No matter what our preferences are, watching a dog video where they're playing across the garden or a room or a simple post of them smiling can surely light up someone's day. Check out these top 5 dogs Instagram accounts: 

1. Goodestboysofbombay

We all have heard about Humans Of Bombay where they share stories from random people across the city. With an extended version of it, EIC Comedian Sahil Shah and Meghana had started goodestboysofbombay 2 years back where they post random cute pictures of stray dogs along with their location with some hilarious and relatable captions. They even help the pet getting adopted if they need any help.  After all, they're not just strays but our 'free-roaming pets'. 

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"Henlo Buds! My name is Pronto. I’m a 6 year old cutie from Goa! (I’m a son of a Beach. HEEHEE) My hoomans got me after they lost their previous dog and I was picked up from a farm (Yup! Old Mc.Donald had a lot of dogs. Eeyaeeyaoh!) I was taken to my new home in the trunk of the car (I thought I was being pupnapped!). I was super terrified at first but after a few rounds of playing in the huge garden and backyard I got used to my new home.. . . 6 years later I’m the most unconditionally loving, bumbling, clumsy, scared doggo out there. Whenever I feel that my little sister is getting attention I instantly plomp myself onto my back and demand the urgentest of Belly Rubs (Which I get! Unlimited rubs!). . The other days I’m roaming around, enjoying the Goan life and if you want to meet me you can find me at BowGa Beach!" #GoodestboysofBombay #cutedogs #cutedoggo #dogsofInstagram

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2. Tucker The Golden Retriever

Ever wanted to see what a dogs journey looks like since the time he was adopted? Well, Tucker's owner Linda almost posts every moment of her dog. Since the time she first saw and currently how he is all grown up. The video editing where she describes what's is Tucker's mind is nothing less than hilarious.

3. Woof Woof 

Why follow just one pet influencer when you can get an amalgamation of the best at one place? Woof Woof curates and presents the best dog videos from across the world and one just cannot have enough of it. 

4. The Golden Kira

Mumbai's own Golden Retriever explores the journey of the Golden Retriever named Kira. From beaches to hills, the way Kira poses at every location is truly commendable. 

5. Flower Pup Olive

This is Mumbai's Labrador and the account explores his quirky expressions and adorable smiles. One can get a glimpse of his life through all the posts. 

Whether it is Goodestboysofbombay or Woof Woof, these accounts redefine the term 'pet influencer.' 

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