Knowledge by prescription

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    Bandra - 24-year-old Delara is engrossed in answering a questionnaire and what is the questionnaire for? If we tell you that she is taking an IQ test to buy books, would you believe it? But this is true. This is a new concept introduced by Karma Korner, a book store in Bandra which deals with only spiritual books. Here, a spiritual IQ test determines which books one should read. This test is based on four principles.

    The books are categorised as Karma Sutra, Aatma Sutra, Dream Sutra, Guru Sutra, and Yoga Sutra. There are 50 books in each category all published by Hingori Sutra. Apart from this bookstore Karma Korner has a lounge too where you can relax and explore a spiritual journey on your own.

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