Painting Your Home Post Pandemic? Here's What You Need to Know

Although the pandemic-related restrictions have eased, you may still be working from home, and improving the visual appeal of the spaces around you may be in order.

Painting Your Home Post Pandemic? Here's What You Need to Know

Painting your home can be a great way of leaving the pandemic blues behind. Although the pandemic-related restrictions have eased, you may still be working from home, and improving the visual appeal of the spaces around you may be in order. Painting the walls will help transform the ambience and elevate the vibe of your home.

If your house needs a fresh coat of paint, which you have been putting off due to Covid-related concerns, this may be the right time to initiate the project. With options like Berger express painting, you can enjoy a safe, efficient, and pleasant house painting experience. So, here are a few things to consider about house painting in the post-pandemic world.

Ensure Covid Protocols are Followed

Before hiring painting professionals, check the company’s website to determine whether they stringently follow necessary COVID-19 protocols. 

Here are some things to check on their website:

  • Make sure they insist on all their painters downloading the Arogya Setu app and allow only those who have a green status (saying “you are safe”) to make house visits.

  • Ensure that the site mentions that the painters follow various safety protocols, like using sanitisers and maintaining social distancing.

  • The company should take the body temperatures of all painters daily and maintain a record of this.

  • Check if the painters are asked to regularly disinfect their tools and equipment.

  • Some painting companies go the extra mile to ensure that the painters disinfect the floor and frequently touched surfaces (like door handles and railing).

The Berger express painting cost includes all this and more. So, while the company may follow the most strict covid guidelines, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions as well. 

When preparing your home for painters, ensure that:

  • The painters are correctly wearing their masks, gloves, and caps.

  • Maintain a stock of sanitisers, handwash, and masks. 

  • Make sure the painters use the sanitiser when they enter your home.

  • You may even invest in a fast-reading digital thermometer and check their temperature when they enter your home.

  • You’re undoubtedly excited about your home getting a new look. But avoid overcrowding the area being painted. Maintain enough distance from the painters.

  • Make sure the painters clean up and disinfect the room once they are done.

Choose Paints That Protect Your Home from Pathogens

Did you know some paints can fight germs and give your home the ultimate protection? Choosing germ-fighting paints can save you the effort of regularly disinfecting your home walls. For instance, Silk Breathe Easy is formulated to destroy bacteria and protect from viruses, which can keep you and your loved ones safer and healthier. Moreover, this paint reduces surface transmission of the coronavirus. The Indian Medical Association has approved this paint for its germ-fighting abilities. Choosing this can contribute to your family’s well-being.

Contactless Way of Choosing Paint Colours 

There are thousands of colours and their gradients to choose from. You want each room to have a unique combination and set a different mood. In the pre-pandemic era, we would get paint samples and slap them on small patches on the wall to get an idea of their visual appeal. However, this may not be the best approach, with social distancing and contactless options still being the need of the hour. 

Instead, you can use a Virtual Painter tool. It allows you to try out different colour combinations for different rooms without touching a paintbrush. The Virtual Painter tool works in three easy steps. First, choose the room, like bedroom, kitchen, drawing room, etc. Then select each wall and choose the colour from the colour palette. For instance, in the children’s room, you may want a wall with a vibrant colour like bright pink contrasting with the rest of the walls in cream. Then repeat the process for other areas of your home. Finally, if you like what you see on the Virtual Painter tool, you can save the look and readily share it with an expert online. 

Those of you who are more tech savvy can use a simulation tool like Preview Facility Colour Studio. This allows you to upload photographs of your home and experiment with different colour schemes to pick the combination that creates the perfect look for your living space.

Choose Eco-Friendly Paints

The pandemic has made us more conscious of our impact on the environment. You can do your bit and choose eco-friendly options when getting your home painted. Make sure to use eco-friendly paints, which are free from lead and other heavy metals like mercury and chromium. They use water as a solvent, which helps significantly reduce the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in indoor spaces.  You may also choose low odour paints, which are perfect if you have kids in the house or people who have respiratory diseases like asthma. 

How about choosing colours that represent your love for the environment. You can choose earthy colours and combine them with greens.

You’re probably going to spend more time at home this year than you did pre-pandemic. So, why not create a bright and vibrant ambience with a new coat of paint? If you choose the right painting service and duly follow the safety protocols, painting your home can revamp not just your living space but also your life. So, get rid of the monotony and let your walls host a riot of colours.
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