Ready for a vegan feast?

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    Santacruz- Can you imagine cheese toast, bhurji, sauteed mushrooms in the white sauce, cheese cake and even chocolate chip ice cream prepared without any dairy product in them?

    As unbelievable as it sounds, these culinary wonders are completely possible without the use of milk, meat or eggs. Welcome to the world of vegan cooking. Meet Vinita Contractor, a culinary expert, who conducts vegan cooking workshops to prove that delicacies like these need not be prepared with any dairy product. So, if you are a strict vegetarian who is off meat and eggs or are allergic to dairy, a vegan could be just for you.
    The most challenging part of vegan cooking, says Contractor, is the replacement of standard ingredients with vegan ones. To make cheese, buttermilk and cake without milk products takes a lot of imagination and research, along with a passion for healthy and wholesome eating.
    All it takes is a change of a mind set and vegan cooking can be part of your lifestyle, says Contractor.
    Vegan goodies though healthy, are however not free of calories so if you are watching your weight, you need to watch your portions too.
    And yes, Contractor does not just churn out these goodies, she spreads the word too. Her three hour long workshops are usually conducted for Rs 2300 per person on weekends. Not a bad way to spend a weekend, we say!

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