ReviThaiLize Spa: A Thai Spa Pop-Up by JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar presents an experience of tranquillity and indulgence with luxurious spa rituals being presented at the special ReviThaiLize - Thai Spa Pop-Up from September 20 to September 29, 2018 at Spa By JW.

ReviThaiLize Spa: A Thai Spa Pop-Up by JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

A “not to be missed” experience for wellness connoisseurs and guests, ReviThaiLize will have therapists all the way from Phulay Bay, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve at Krabi, Thailand offer invigorating, rebalancing refreshing spa therapies for patrons.

Coming from the picturesque town of white-sand beaches, jungle-covered interiors, towering limestone cliffs, waterfalls and exotic wildlife, visiting therapists from Southern Thailand – Khanittha Sae-Hoy and Rattana Onchoo are set to showcase the combination of traditional Thai therapies with the finest quality ingredients and a holistic wellness approach delivered under their soothing hands.

Offering an integration of the physical and spiritual worlds with an all-encompassing view to wellness across body and soul, this exclusive spa pop-up will showcase the diversity of the Thai wellness culture, used for centuries to heal and harmonise.

The menu for the ReviThaiLize Spa includes: Traditional Thai Massage – Reawaken the body through a combination of acupressure movements and stretching techniques to release tension and elongate the muscles. This intensive treatment is performed without oil on restful Thai massage mat; Thai Herbal Compress Massages - Full body massage using the ancient Thai healing technique of heated herbal poultices which are applied to the body in conjunction with a rhythmic relaxing massage. The indigenous organic Thai herbs found inside are absorbed by the body to help reduce pain and inflammation and increase lymphatic drainage, inducing a sense of well-being in both: body and mind; Thai Foot Massage – Many cultures believe that the foot mirrors the body’s systems and by massaging specific reflex points and meridians on the feet, balance can be achieved in the functions of the body. Attain an overall sense of wellbeing by massaging the energy lines of the feet to release any blocked power, induce relaxation and bring balance; Organic Fruit Scrub – Incorporating a blend of organic fruits like from our own garden with anti-aging benefits and exfoliating properties, live and an invigorating experience as it revives the skin, and the senses.

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With this experience, we reinforce what the Spa by JW stands for: holistic and efficacious spa therapies that offer a much needed opportunity to reconnect with oneself. The pop-up will aim to showcase the ethos of Thai rituals combined with world class hospitality services at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar”, says Ms. Mahima Sharma, Multi Property Director of Spa, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar and Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.

Get a serene escape to tropical beauty of Krabi that will leave one in a blissful state of relaxation in Mumbai with a world of traditional Thai treatments, nurturing and restorative therapies!

ReviThaiLize - Thai Spa Pop-up at Spa by JW

·         Date: September 20 – September 29, 2018

·         Timings:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm

·         For reservations call: +91 22 2853 8791

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