Traya Addresses The Incessant Problem Of Hair Loss That Many Face

Saloni Anand, Co-Founder, Traya explores with Mumbai Live the hair loss challenge faced by people and offers robust solutions as well.

Traya Addresses The Incessant Problem Of Hair Loss That Many Face

Traya Health is India’s leading new age health-tech start-up that provides doctor prescribed hair loss treatment. Their unique approach combines the best of Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition to deliver a holistic solution for hair loss. Traya health has successfully treated over 35000 customers with hair loss conditions.

Saloni Anand Co-founder of Traya Health in her conversation with Mumbai Live elaborated on how this idea took shape. She said, “We founded this company in May of 2019 as a result of our personal experience. During this journey, we realised that the current hair loss treatment market is broken because hair loss needs a diagnosis and a doctor-prescribed treatment. Also, allopathy alone does not have much to offer. We mixed this with other sciences like Ayurveda and Food Science which was a game-changer. The biggest takeaway was that hair loss does not have a single product solution it needs a holistic treatment that involves working on internal health.”

Anand noted, “We went to the next phase of research with 55 friends, to prove the concept. We pushed them to use our customised plan for five to six months and the results were exhilarating. Two years later we have more than 35000 Indians who live the Traya way of life.”

Traya identifies the cause of hair fall before hair treatment and then provides medication, diet specially designed as per your hair type and problem. They have an online diagnostic test based on the algorithm created by a team of dermatologists, Ayurveda doctors and nutritionists. This algorithm helps predict the type of hair loss, the time to see results and also the unique combination of products needed. Anand said, “Once a customer chooses the plan, three doctors from each science are assigned who validate the health history, see pictures and approve the prescription.”

Anand believes that for too long hair loss has been viewed as a one-dimensional problem. She mentions, “The truth is hair loss triggers are internal 90% of the time. These can include hormonal changes, digestions, sleep patterns, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet and nutrition and other health diseases. Hence Ayurveda allows us to take a preventive approach with these internal triggers, while clinically proven prescription medication from dermatology allows us to work on follicles for regrowth. Finally, everything about your skin and hair health comes down to nutrition and hence the diet plan allows our customers to transition towards mindful eating which enhances their hair and skin health.”

She also went on to state that almost 85% of the population is facing hair loss problems but only 2% see a dermatologist for this. Anand thinks people shun visiting the doctor due to lack of awareness and affinity towards home remedies, amongst others.

During the conversation, she elucidated the impact of coronavirus on the hair loss people faced, “Telogen Effluvium is not otherwise a common form of hair loss, but it also happens to be one of the lesser-known side-effects of Covid-19. It causes rapid hair loss over weeks, so it is quite terrifying. But the good news is that it is completely manageable.”

Additionally, she also shared some lifestyle changes one can make to curb hair loss. She elaborated, “One should avoid foods such as fermented food, dairy, gluten, red meat and other foods with high acidic pH - specially packaged food like sauces, ketchup, snacks, sausages etc. Apart from that, people should get adequate sleep, exercise and focus on reducing poor lifestyle habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol.”

Traya’s ultimate goal is to get every young Indian to manage lifestyle triggered health issues. Anand says, “Today we use the Traya philosophy for hair which we hope to take to every household. But there are numerous health conditions that we’d like to help people with in the future.”

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