Shul — India's first hybrid hypercar

Vazirani Automotive, founded by India-based Chunky Vazirani, unveiled 'Shul', India's first hybrid hypercar in Mumbai

Shul — India's first hybrid hypercar

Vazirani Automotive, founded by India-based Chunky Vazirani, unveiled 'Shul', the first ever Indian hybrid hypercar.

 Chunky Vazirani having worked as a designer with the likes of Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo and Yamaha, decided to move back to India with a mission to develop India's first hypercar.


The Shul in its concept stage is the perfect culmination of art and technology. The Shul's design is inspired from Lord Shiva's Trishul and a famous Japanese video game called 'Gran Turismo'. The design not only makes the Shul visually appealing, but also makes it one of the most aerodynamic cars around.


Furthermore, what sets the Shul apart from the crowd is a micro turbine engine that charges the batteries which individual powers four wheels. This gives it good torque vectoring capability, not to mention the earth shattering torque and power capability that could make you go 0-100kmph in a blink of an eye. With regards to safety, well let's get the hypercar fact right, it's born for a track! So don't be surprised if it comes with only a couple of airbags. The main motive for a hypercar is to save weight for a better power to weight ratio. In terms of the price, most hypercars are priced upward of $1 million so we can expect something around that range. 

Although, the technical specifications have not been released, we can expect the Indian born hypercar to pack horses upward of 500 and a limited number across the world. After all a hypercar has to be limited in production numbers. 

To know the exact specifications and price we will have to wait for a year. Although it's a long wait it'll be worth to know, see and hear what an Indian hybrid hypercar can do!