What makes a Saree, so special?

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    Printed or plain bordered or checkered, they never cease to mesmerize us and in constant changing scenario of fashion, sarees still stands to be one of the most beautiful outfits, not only in India, but across the world. It has the ability to draw women from all age group towards it, and believe it or not, men do prefer women in sarees. India has a glorious tradition of hand-woven sarees but even they way they are wrapped, they has versatility and show immense creativity. Saree conservationist Rita Kapoor Chishti travels all over India and abroad to unravel marvel of this six yards of wonder.

    Every region of India has a unique style of wrapping saree. Like the Coorg style from Karnataka, Nadia saree from northern West Bengal, Orissa style which can be coupled with a little imagination to give saree modern twist as fashion ensemble, appealing to style savvy generation.

    Have a look at the video to find more about the sarees. 

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