Eknath Shinde To Be Sworn In As New CM Of Maharashtra

Shockingly, Fadnavis declared, "I will stay out of the government."

Eknath Shinde To Be Sworn In As New CM Of Maharashtra

On Thursday, June 30, BJP Leader Devendra Fadnavis in a press conference declared that rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde will be becoming the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra

In light of these developments, the BJP has staked claims to form the government in the state with the support of the Shiv Sena rebels. 

Fadnavis in the press conference added that Shinde's oath ceremony will be held at 7.30 pm today, June 30. He added that following the swearing-in ceremony, they will have a cabinet expansion. Further, both Shiv Sena and BJP leaders will be taking the oath.

Shockingly, Fadnavis declared, "I will stay out of the government." Further, he added that in 2019, the BJP and Shiv Sena had an alliance and they got the requisite numbers in the assembly elections. The BJP, he says, hoped to form the government, but Shiv Sena decided to get into an alliance with those who Balasaheb Thackeray was against his entire life.

He voiced, "Shiv Sena formed an alliance with those who were against Hindutva and Savarkar. They insulted the mandate of the people".

Fadnavis claimed that the Shiv Sena MLAs wanted the alliance with Congress and NCP to end, but Thackeray ignored them. Instead, he said, priority was accorded to the MVA partners which are why the MLAs raised their voices.

He enunciated that while Shiv Sena opposed Dawood Ibrahim, they continued to keep a man in the cabinet who went to jail on the allegations of assisting Ibrahim. 

Eknath Shinde then shared with the media persons that an aggregate of 50 MLAs is with them, including 40 from Shiv Sena. He says that they have fought this battle so far with their help, thus, he will not let even a scratch on them because of the trust they placed in him.

Shinde was quoted saying, "The decision that we have taken is committed to Balasaheb's Hindutva and for the development work in the constituencies of these MLAs."

Speaking about Thackeray he claimed that they went to him about their constituency's grievances and development work as well as recommending him on the need for improvement because they realized that it would be difficult for them to win the next elections.  

He uttered, "We demanded a natural alliance with BJP". He elaborated that despite the fact that BJP has 120 MLAs, Fadnavis didn't take the post of CM. He then thanked PM Modi, Amit Shah and other BJP leaders for they showed generosity and making CM. 

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