Narayan Rane asks: Is Sena partnering BJP in robbing the state?

Narayan Rane asks: Is Sena partnering BJP in robbing the state?
Narayan Rane asks: Is Sena partnering BJP in robbing the state?
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During the discussion on GST Bill in the Legislative Council, the House experienced a duet between senior Congress leader Narayan Rane and Shiv Sena MLC Anil Parab on Monday. Rane severely criticized the Shiv Sena while speaking on the GST Bill.

Rane alleged that the Sena is more interested in having the posts and the percentage. “On one hand, Sena terms the State government as robber while on the other it participates in the same government of robbers. Is Sena sharing the booty of robbery? Why Sena is keeping mum on the issue of farmers,” asked Rane.

The former chief minister further said that the terror of Shiv Sena has ended as there is nothing left in the city. “Textile business has shifted its base in south India, diamond market has also gone out of the city, Mazgaon dock and Reserve Bank of India have been shifted. Those who power grabbed power in the city do not know what is left in the city,” said Rane.

Replying to these allegations of Narayan Rane, Sena MLC Anil Parab reminded him of Sena’s strength and added that it was due to Sena he ruled the Assembly but now had to shift his base in the Council. “You (Rane) should not worry about Sena as it has won 2007, 2012 and 2017 civic elections and it has shown its strength in the BMC. Whatever discussion about your entry in the BJP was going on in between, you would have spoken in support of the GST,” barbed Parab.

Rane also replied to Parab’s barbs and stressed that he spoke on the basis of truth and on the points referred from the speeches of Uddhav Thackeray given during the campaigning for Akola, Kalyan and Mumbai civic election. “Earlier, Sena used to be known for doing what its leaders used to speak. Now, this does not happen. The speeches are given, promises are delivered by it evoke no response. There is a vast difference between the Sena of olden times and the Senamen of today’s generation,” Rane added.

The opposition parties paid more attention to criticize the Shiv Sena during the discussion on GST. But the upper house once again experienced the war of words between Narayan Rane and Shiv Sena leaders.

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