MNS adopts 'eagle' as its own

    MNS adopts 'eagle' as its own
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    The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena's official website now sports an eagle as an emblem.

    The regal bird is a new addition to the MNS' website. Could it be the impact of a conversation the party chief shared with Mumbai Live editorial staff on the eve of the BMC elections? Quizzed on which animal he prefers - the lion or the tiger - Thackeray had a quick repartee. He said he would prefer to identify with the eagle and maintain an eagle's eye view on his domain.

    The MNS' official symbol is the engine, but the engine has been chugging a little sluggishly of late. Will a change over to the eagle help the party soar higher?

    Mumbai Live definitely hopes so.

    Check out this video featuring Thackeray's interview at Mumbai Live last month.

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