I will go out

    Mumbai  -  

    Dadar - This chant is not just chant but a chant of freedom and courage. Women of all strata, caste and age came together at Dadar’s Veer Kotwal garden for a common cause. Holding placards of #iwillgoout, these women are in no mood to suffer in silence. This movement started on Facebook, catered thousands of women nationwide to highlight # iwillgoout initiative.

    Women here were not mere spectators but they spoke their heart out on how they are treated and how they want to be treated.
    Not only women but men were also present to voice their opinion.
    #iwillgoout movement will continue to reclaim their right to public places and will continue celebrating womanhood. Finally, they bid adieu with a famous song ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’.

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