A heartfelt letter to the man who may have averted a war between India and Pakistan

Lt. Col. Deepak Bohra, a course mate and a friend of Abhinandan Varthaman, poured out his emotions for the man who made India proud.

A heartfelt letter to the man who may have averted a war between India and Pakistan

After wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman was held captive by the Pakistan Armed Forces, the country went through a mix of emotions, oscillating between concern and pride. His release over the next three days, as Pakistan’s ‘peace gesture’, was a relief to all the fellow Indians. 

He was reportedly attacked by the common public when his jet was shot down and he landed in a pond after ejecting himself from the craft. Using his presence of mind, Abhinandan swallowed the documents to ensure secrecy and protect his country.    

His heroic deeds were well recognised in India and his return is being celebrated across the nation. Many expressed their gratitude to the hero who may have averted the India-Pakistan war. 

One such proud citizen is his course mate at NDA and a friend Deepak Bohra who expressed his emotions in a letter to Abhinandan.

Here’s what we came across on his social profile: 

“Having gone through variety of tremendously volatile emotions for last 50 hours, I drafted an intimate letter to my friend and course mate Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

We exaggerate and overplay the importance of words and fail to realise that there are few among us who communicate far more powerfully just by the virtue of who they are.”

Deepak’s letter to Abhinandan:

Dear Abhi,

You've left the energy signature of your persona so deep in me that a sort of strange 'manthan', a churning has taken place within.

You first shook the weak and the meek in me and then you destroyed the illusion of false bravado that I wear so ceremoniously.

Being your course mate and having been trained, toiled and bled on same NDA grounds, I just couldn't see any difference between you and me and started imagining myself in your situation - trembled. I realised the truth of how I fall so short.

I wonder what sort of culturing of mind it takes to bring such poise and swag after one has just dodged death only to be beaten, insulted, paraded and then brought before an Enemy who just a day back suffered disgraceful humiliation of IAF surgical strike and carry with him vengeance along with DNA of violence and deceit.

Though you've exposed my mind that has slowly and unknowingly been castrated and domesticated but at the same time you've also sown seeds of aspiration to be fearless and strong in every decision that I take during any given day, well aware that when tendencies of weakness n fear come they come with great force and vulgarity especially when big spoons stir our waters.

Between possibility and reality there is a distance to walk, hope I committedly keep walking it.

Know that in days to come Drill Ustads in academies and regimental centers will be building narratives around your daring tale into the psyche of officer cadets and recruits to foster greater current of Josh and aggression- "GC/ Recruit ye mat bhulo tum Abhinadan drill ground Mei khare ho, aisaa dheela stamping kar ke tum apne drill ustaad ka nahi balki Param Vir Chakra Abhinandan varthaman ka insult kar rahe ho"

Well I took the liberty of adding the prefix before your name. And hell I care, I am Abhi's course mate.

Abhinandan of the house Varthaman, the first of his name, the invincible, protector of the great indian sky, the F-16 slayer, the khal drogo of 104 gadarz course, wing Commander of the Indian Air force- you must know that your entire course- each one of us played the lead protagonist in the thriller spectacle that unfurled in the last 50 hours, we casually call - "The Audacious adventure of Abhinandan Varthaman".

I have never witnessed so many course mate together continuously staying at the peak of emotions of pain, concern, admiration, awe, contribution and celebration of spirit of another course mate. I feel blessed to be part of this tribe. I feel blessed to celebrate you.

Love you,