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Nizamuddin Shah on Yeh Ballet, Nukkad Natak and societal issues

Young Creative Production which was rebranded in 2021, conducts street plays across the slums of Mumbai, to spread awareness about societal issues.

Nizamuddin Shah on Yeh Ballet, Nukkad Natak and societal issues

Nizamuddin Shah, an actor from the Netflix original Yeh Ballet, which weaves the real-life story of Amiruddin Shah and Manish Chauhan recently spoke to Mumbai Live to speak about the film, the characters, how it was working with ace-director Sooni Taraporevala and Nukkad Natak amongst other social issues.

When asked about the real-time characters, Shah stated, “Asif’s real name is Amiruddin Shah and Nishu’s real name is Manish Chauhan. Both of them in reality are unique and are inspirational. Amiruddin being my youngest brother I have seen his journey from the start, he is very hardworking and never gives up. Amiruddin has always worked for his goals I have seen him doing his work with dedication. Manish has always been dedicated to his work and also he is a very intelligent guy he knows how to respect and is a very genuine person,”

Shah also recounted his experience of working with Taraporevala as he exclaimed, “Firstly, whatever I describe Sooni Taraporevala is less. She’s one of the most friendly and humble people I know. She is down to earth and is very helpful. Not only this she is an amazing person. Onset she is very cool and calm. She likes taking realistic shots and realistic acting not only this she is a very different person on sets. She’s the only Godmother I have. I would also like to thank Siddharth Roy Kapur (Roy Kapur Films) that he produced this film. Roy Kapur films had a very amazing behaviour towards the cast and crew. I have an amazing incident during the Premier Show of Yeh Ballet. Everyone was seated in the PVR theatre at Juhu but Siddharth Roy Kapur was standing on the staircase even though he being a producer of this film. I have never seen such a humble person,”

Speaking about the art of street theatre, or Nukkad Natak, he added, "Nukkad Natak has given me a different perspective towards my life. Firstly, to begin with, let me tell you it’s very difficult from rehearsals to the final performance. We face problems during rehearsal as we don't have our own space so at times we go to the parks where people complaint about our practices and we are told to leave the park, at times we also go to practice under the bridge where people from the nearby societies compliant and we have to search for different locations. We have practised at different locations like parks, under the Bridge, railway tracks, etc. Not only this but during shows especially in slum areas we face harassment. Harassment as in people doesn't co-operate during the show. It seems difficult at times but we manage,”

Young Creative Production which was rebranded in 2021 and was earlier known as Jannat media production, targets the slums and villages of Maharashtra, where they perform street plays on topics such as addiction, child labour, domestic violence, and sanitation, to name a few.

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