Mumbai-based foundation 'Project Mumbai' offers delivery services to 'Home Quarantine' people

Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak, Here's how you can join 'Project Mumbai' ( and step forward to deliver groceries and medicines to people who are in 'home quarantine.'

Mumbai-based foundation 'Project Mumbai' offers delivery services to 'Home Quarantine' people

The number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai is increasing and there have been many who have been asked to stay in 'home quarantine' to ensure safety in the critical situation. In such conditions, some of them have been facing troubles to buy groceries and medications, which are needed on a daily basis. Further, there are concerns raised by shopkeepers and society, keeping the safety in mind, due to which these people in 'home quarantine' are unable to procure even their everyday needs.

With an aim to address the same, Mumbai-based Mumbai-based association 'Project Mumbai' ( has stepped forward to do the needful by delivering groceries and medicines 'only' to such cases. This volunteer-driven service headed by Shishir Joshi will involve people from different localities. At this critical juncture, these people will help in providing their community and neighbours. It is the need of the hour that we all come together to tackle simple obstacles. 

This voluntary delivery service will be free of charge, where necessary steps are taken before the request is taken. The team will check the letter and the stamp of the people in home quarantine, and only upon verification, the further process will be taken into consideration. Further, to ensure the safety of the volunteers, there won't be an exchange of cash and the payment will have to be made online and there will be absolutely no physical contact.

In case there is a request raised for medicines, the team will refer to the online medical facilitator, who will then deliver medicines to the address. In case of issues faced due to the rules imposed by the residential complexes, support will be sought from the neighbours or the respective building staff, to deliver the necessary items.

At the current stage, the possibility to offer help is quite limited and the team is in need of more hands. The response has been good in the last few hours, as many have already volunteered and Project Mumbai is looking forward to getting responses for the initiative.

Shishir, who recently attended a meeting with BMC, said that it is our duty to stay safe and help everyone around us, who is in need. He further commended the efforts put by the government, medical staff, hospitals and other departments who are working in this crisis, thereby controlling the situation. 

This is the right time for us to step ahead and show support. If you wish to join or seek help, please reach out to the number mentioned in the image. 

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