A 24-hour-walk organised to raise awareness to 'Save The Girl Child'

Organised by Dr.Rajesh Shah, a walk starting from Mayor's Bungalow will cover a distance of around 90.5 Km in 24 hours, raising awareness about female foeticide and infanticide in India


Female foeticide and infanticide, the acts of selectively aborting and killing baby girls, are unimaginably cruel and yet, very common across India. What is worse is that the frequency of these terrible acts is actually increasing as evidenced by the growing disparity in the number of new born baby boys and girls. Based on 2017 census numbers, the ratio of newborn boys to girls has increased to an all time high of 109 boys for every 100 girls. This national average hides the even more troubling stats at the state level, which in some instances are as high as 120! Also terrifying is the fact that even relatively affluent and states with high literacy rates like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Punjab have a bigger incidence rate than Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 

Why are there 10 to 20 fewer girls (per 100) under the age of one than there are boys? While academicians around the world conduct sophisticated analysis to identify what specifically causes such a disparity in India’s new born babies, do we really not know what is happening and why?

In order to cast light on the growing issue of female foeticide, Dr. Rajesh Shah from Mumbai is organising a 'Save The Girl Child 24 Hour Walk' on October 2, in Mumbai. Starting from the Mayor's Bungalow in Shivaji Park. The event was held globally where people participated in different parts of the world, thereby contributing to the cause.

The route & schedule will be as follows:

Mayor's Bungalow
7:00 am
Worli Dairy4.88:00 am
Nehru Planetarium 8.709:00 am
Babulnath13.00 10:00 am
Air India 17.2011:00 am
Gateway of India18.8011:30 am
CSMT 21.1012 noon
Dadar Asiad Bus Station30.602:00 pm
Shiv Sena Bhavan32.002:30 pm
Labour Court, Bandra East 37.504:00 pm
Garware Andheri East45.006:00 pm
Oberoi Mall, Goregaon  53.00 8:00 pm
National Park, Borivali62.0010:30 pm
Borivali West65.0011:00 pm
24 Karat Cinema, Jogeshwari 77.0002:00 am
Shopper's Stop, Andheri80.0003:00 am
Khar Police Station 85.0004:30 am
Lucky Hotel, Bandra87.5005:30 am
Mayor's Bungalow90.5007:00 am

People looking to support the cause can join the walk at any time, at any point, and spread awareness for a nobel cause.