This travelling library showcases work of women writers, artists and zine makers

The exhibition which to be held in six different cities in India will serve as a spot for people to interact with the works as well as create their own and make contributions to spread the pleasure of reading and writing

This travelling library showcases work of women writers, artists and zine makers

Ever heard of a travelling library? Well, one is coming to the city soon!

What's The Story?

Powered by female authors, Sister Library is a travelling library that wants to bring the readers together to explore and celebrate the literary contribution of women in the creative world, flaunting their artistic qualities. The Sister Library aims to reflect upon the reading culture of our times while appreciating the accomplishments of women writers and artists.

The library is run by Aqui Thami who believes that women are in an unenviable position, either playing the damsel in distress or "feminazis". Over the history of the evolution of literature, it has always been men who have shaped the way we see women, and unwittingly, our own selves. She says it’s time that women are written through the eyes of the same gender, with all the seeping intricacies of womanhood. Sister Library will be a new place to see and understand the world from a feminine perspective.

What Does The Library Have?

The library will showcase the work of women writers, artists and zine makers, flaunting a curated mix of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, zines, and periodicals. The collection will be exhibited in six different cities which are Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Pune, Goa, and Bengaluru. 

The Mumbai date is yet to be decided.

How Does The Exhibition Work?

The exhibition will serve as a place for people to interact with the works. They can also create their own work at the activity centre which can be a part of the exhibition. The intent is to facilitate reading of female authors and explore the pleasure of reading and writing by creating a haven for like-minded people to come together. The visitors can also make contributions for any good suggestions. Attending this event is absolutely open and free to all.

The Sister Library is supported by the Inlaks Fine Art Award which is an illustrious recognition given to emerging artists in India by the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation.

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