Transvision, India's first YouTube channel for transgenders launches

The first two episodes were released in Telugu with english subtitles so that more people come forward and enrich the channel

Transvision, India's first YouTube channel for transgenders launches

When it comes to the third gender, India has a prejudiced view of looking at them as normal human beings. Transgenders have to face up to a lot of difficulties like getting formal education or a good job, owning property or even inheriting family wealth. From the time they wake up in the morning till the moment they go to bed, they have bear humiliations and live with a social stigma which is attached to their gender.

In a hope to shift perception about this community, Transvision, India’s first channel by transgenders and for transgenders has hit YouTube. The content of this channel is written and directed by transgenders is meant to dispel stereotypes surrounding the community.

The first series on Transvision is led by a Hyderabad-based transgender activist Rachana Mudraboyina and was started in May. Often, being a transgender is misunderstood as having a mental disorder. Mudraboyina sees Youtube as a better place to start with, since there is little organised information to clear myths regarding transgenders.

The series has planned eight episodes in three languages- Dakkhini Urdu, Telugu and Hindi. The first two episodes have been released in Telugu with English subtitles. Plans for a talk show with transgender celebrities and episodes on crimes on transgenders in a police procedural format are also on the list.

The new YouTube channel has been started with an inspiration to a video released by 101India. 

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