Armaan Sikka and Kenisha Gupta shine in the pool

    Armaan Sikka and Kenisha Gupta shine in the pool
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    Glenmark Aquatic Federation’s Palak Dhami produced stunning performance as she pipped Otters Vedika Amin at the 200m finish to bag gold in the girl's under-13 event in the 32nd Otters Open Swimming and Diving Championships, held at their swimming pool at Bandra (West)

    In fact, Palak trailed for more than seven laps before she burst ahead in the last 20 metres to win the event. However, Vedika claimed the overall honour in the under-13 section, aggregating 34 points to Palak’s 23.

    Among other outstanding performers, who did not figure among record-breakers, was Ronak Sawant of GAF, who five gold’s to aggregate 35 points to top the honours in the boy's under-11 section.

    Khar Gymkhana’s Neel Roy, who was all tensed up for the men’s 100m freestyle event, as he was to appear for his final paper in the ICSE exams next day.But the Khar Gymkhana lad, put all his energy to outclass the field in the men’s glamorous 100m freestyle event to become the fastest swimmer of the meet.

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