DJ on song at Atlast!!!!!!!

    Pali Hill
    DJ on song at Atlast!!!!!!!
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai-The whole of Mumbai was frenzied at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon since early morning today, but some music lovers were eager awaiting their favorite DJ David Guetta to start proceedings, AT LAST, at the jio gardens in BKC.

    It must have been a rare occasion when DJ David must have belted out tracks in bright sunshine, as he must be used to doing it regularly at nightclubs or concerts which usually start late in the evenings.
    His Bengaluru concert was canceled and the Mumbai gig had to suffer last minute change of venue and date. But one can also understand the pressure on the police department with big events lined up in the city, plus the mob sensibilities and add to that the procedural work to be completed for any event.
    Doesn't matter even if it was the day time, fans of DJ David Guetta must have thought, let's make hay in bright sunshine.
    Full marks to Mumbai and Mumbaikars!!!!!!!!

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