Preparing For Automation in Industry 4.0

Preparing For Automation in Industry 4.0

The age of automation is transforming people’s lives and livelihoods at an extremely fast pace. Technology is making human skills redundant by replacing them with faster and evolved machines that eliminate the need for human interference. This disruptive feature is the reason for many skills to become obsolete, thereby shrinking the job market, increasing competition and posing a red flag in worker’s lives.

This phenomenon is a global issue and affects the working force in all countries alike. As faster and more efficient means of performing tasks are emerging, the need of the hour is to stay relevant in order to combat this automation onslaught. As we stand at a crossroad, only the right decisions could point us to a thriving career path.

So what are the steps one can take to brace for automation?

  • Staying Updated – The trends are changing every minute and keeping abreast with this change is a crucial step in assessing our skill level and areas of interest. So make it a point to stay updated by reading the relevant journals and articles that pertain to your field.
  • Skill Set Diversification – Clinging to one single skill in today’s age is not going to serve any fruitful purpose. Being a jack of all trades is what will help you climb the corporate ladder and face the automation monster. Make it an endeavor to constantly learn new skills in order to expand your CV and appear an interesting and versatile candidate to your employer, recommends Vikas Gupta.
  • Prepare A Skill Road Map – To achieve skill diversification, you need to move systematically. Devise a road map for the next three years, marking the skills you intend to acquire and setting the timelines for completion of each. The road map will keep you motivated and negate complacency.
  • Contextual Understanding – If you are just a cog in the wheel without an understanding of the bigger picture, then machines can easily replace you. Do not confine yourself only to the task you perform, instead broaden your horizons and strive for a deeper understanding of the whole process. Switch roles, volunteer for work in other departments, to take up additional work to understand the nuances and learn new things. If you can perform multiple skills/tasks, then you are seen as more relevant to the organization.
  • Networking – Another way of skill acquisition is to stay connected to your peers and managers in order to aid your learning curve. It is a simple, cost-effective yet extremely efficient way to learn and grow.
  • Keep the Fire Burning – The quest for knowledge should be an ongoing venture. The passion to learn is one of your most potent tools in an age where change is constant. So, keep up the drive and fuel your thirst with knowledge.

The present situation needs to be tackled immediately. The infrastructure to reconcile with industrial requirements must come from the colleges and universities. They need to devise an education system that bridges the gap between job and degree. If we are able to do this then the future seems bright for our youth.

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