How To Create Professional Looking Video In Minutes - A Complete Guide

How To Create Professional Looking Video In Minutes - A Complete Guide

Over the last few years, videos have become one of the most popular types of content on the internet. Corporations and people use videos and apps to learn, promote, educate, and so much more. Videos have become one of the biggest trends in the content industry and are here to stay. 

Videos help in plenty of ways. They boost sales, have a great ROI, aid in building relationships with your viewers, facilitate easy explanation of online education, engage with everyone, and can be shared easily. 

 Are you wondering if videos are worth it? The simple answer is yes. They are versatile and profitable marketing tools you want to build your place in the digital space. Videos are the way to go. Videos are also great for email campaigns. An introductory email with a video has the potential to increase click-through rates by 96%

According to Wyzowl, 92% of marketers report videos as an essential part of their strategy. Siteefy also studied that around 1/3rd of all online activity is spent on watching videos. That’s huge, and it is a perfect time for marketers to leverage the power of videos. 

However, making videos often gets intimidating for the average person. With tools available online to edit your videos, you need to choose the best online video editor available that makes creating videos a simple and smooth process. Brands are however, always scared to jump into the pool to choose the one that meets their requirement. 

In this article, we will discuss some tips to create great professional-looking videos. We’ll also discuss some great online video editing tools you can start with. Let’s get right into it.  

  • Planning your content: The content of your video matters a lot. Audiences prefer raw and authentic videos over the quality of videos. Planning your video content properly is the first and foremost step in creating videos that make a difference. 

 You can start by listing down your objectives. What do you want? More traffic, likes, brand recognition? The content will depend on what your end goal is. Next comes identifying your target audiences. Every sector of the audience prefers a different style of communication. This also decides where you will eventually distribute your videos. Lastly, tell a story. Storytelling is a powerful way of building connections with your viewers. 

As Gary Vaynerchuk rightly put it: “No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story!”

  • Using the right lighting: Typically, big brands use video production lighting systems. However, you may not be able to do the same. The good news is that you can use natural lighting! You can shoot outdoors on a cloudy day or an hour after sunrise and before sunset. The natural light is soft during these times, and it will help you shoot amazing videos. We recommend that you play around with the light to find what works best for you. 

  • Picking a clean background: Messy background will do no good for your videos. Using solid-colored backgrounds such as a plain wall, bedsheets, or paper will instantly transform your video. Depending on the content of your video, you can choose to use real or fake backgrounds. Focus on color therapy and consciously make an effort for your background to blend in effectively with your subject matter.

  • Recording clear audios: It is recommended that you do not use the mic of your camera and use a microphone instead. Indistinct and unclear audio is enough for your viewers to click on the “back” button. Capture audios by putting your mic as close as you can to your subject. Oh, and don’t forget to remove the background noise during editing. Using external audio recorders or a mic is pretty effective. Having a good setup will make the process of video creation pretty easy. 

  • Understanding the RULE OF THIRDS: For film composition, this is a basic rule. It divides your frame into a 3x3 grid and creates intersections. Your subject should be at one of these intersections. Filming in the dead center is not always a great idea. Before you start shooting, read up on a few composition rules and see the difference in your videos! Don’t forget to focus on your subject’s head. Don’t cut it off and don’t keep too much space either. The more videos you shoot, the more these things will become clearer, so keep trying! 

  • Work on your talent’s camera presence: If you appear in your videos or have hired someone, the way the subject presents itself is crucial. If the subject is nervous or uncomfortable, the camera will pick that right up, and your audience will be distracted. However, a good camera presence can be practiced. Some tips include using open body language, standing up straight, avoiding crossing arms, smiling, using props, and so on—practice, practice, and practice. Watch the footage over and over again and identify improvement areas. 

  • Promoting videos: Now that you are done creating a video, it’s time to promote it! Don’t hide it from the world. Put it out there. Depending on your target audiences, you can choose a platform. Videos do exceptionally well on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s okay if your videos don’t have enough views from the get-go. The important thing is to start somewhere. If you create relevant, good content, your viewership will grow over time. Ideally, you learn the basics of SEO to use key descriptions and proper keywords to get more views. We also suggest you interact with your audiences. Respond to their comments, answer their questions, and so on. 

 A survey by Lemonlight found that 99% of audiences enjoy watching video content from brands online. The time to publish videos online is now. Otherwise, your brand will be left behind in the race. 

Choosing a good online video editor: 

We’ve talked about some ways to create professional videos, but where does one make the video? Fortunately, there are different video editor apps online that you can use. Some of them include LumaFusion, iMovie, OpenShot, Invideo and so on. They provide you with easy techniques to create authentic-looking videos. However, a lot of first-time users find it difficult to use these tools. 

You can create awesome video content in less than 10 minutes! These editors are quick, affordable, and easy. They provide you with pre-made templates  and you can also begin from scratch if you please. It also makes adding voice overs super simple and has an intelligent video assistant to recommend corrections. You can use them for Facebook and Instagram stories, Twitter posts, Snapchat stories, YouTube videos, Instagram ads, and many more. You can get started NOW! 

Wrapping up: 

With videos, you can create viral content at minimum cost. An emotionally charged and creative video can be spread around the world in a matter of days. Only the creative survive! Remember to not worry too much and just play around with your talent. Videos are not as scary as they are made out to be. Once you get started, you will find that videos are super simple and completely doable. 

Professional videos attract audiences. They offer you a headstart over your competition. The more you create, the better you will get at it. All you need to do is begin now. So pick up a camera and get started! The world is waiting for you. 

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