Instagram against bullying: Photo-sharing app to roll out a major change in the comments section

In order to tackle online bullying, photo-sharing giants Instagram are making some alterations to the app


Social media giants Instagram have announced a change in the comments section of the platform. Out of the two new changes, one feature is already being rolled out and the testing for the second feature will begin soon. 

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has said that soon, they will begin testing a feature which will allow users to restrict people from commenting on their photos and videos. Whichever follower you choose to restrict, will be able to post on your content, however, their comments will be visible to the user and the person who commented only. 

The restricted followers will also not be able to view the 'last seen' or when the user was last active. Instagram will also give users an option to review the comments. 

Secondly, the other feature offers users to re-think what they want to post. Powered by AI, a notification will be sent out to warn the user if the comment is considered to be offensive, but it won't stop the user from posting it anyway. 


Both these features are a measure to curb offensive comments, bullying and harassment on social media. 

Meanwhile, they also announced that they will be showing ads to the Explore tab on its app. 
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