Spending too much time making plans? What's the scene has a solution!


Orchestrating a plan with your squad can be really troublesome as 10 heads will have 10 opinions and that leaves everybody confused. To make life easier, BLACKSKY Technologies has come up with a new app called ‘What’s the scene’ to help you sort your scene out.

Right from planning your weekend parties to a chilled session of PlayStation with your buds, WTS will help you orchestrate your plans with ease.

Six reasons why you should have this app

1) One Stop Shop: A single app for all your social plans, be it movies, sports, food or your own personalised plan, you have it all here.

2) Scheduler: You can schedule your plan and set a reminder for the same.

3) Exclusive Events: Be up-to-date with the latest and the popular events in the city and plan your scene accordingly.

4) Polling: Too confused and too many opinions? Put the plan to a vote! The maximum number of votes wins.

5) Chat: A group-chat will always help smoothen your plans and that’s what this app has to offer.

6) Geo Positioning: This will help you select your hang out spot based on your location.

So here it is, What’s the scene is the app and you can download it here:

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