Bigg Boss 13: Asim denies the claims of 'calling the show biased'

During the recently held media interactions at the Bigg Boss 13 house, contestants Rashami Desai, Siddharth Shukla, Asim and others faced the journalists thereby answering and clarifying their statements and gestures.

Bigg Boss 13: Asim denies the claims of 'calling the show biased'

As the season of Big boss 13 is coming closer to the end, there are interesting revelations that are coming to light. Earlier in the week, we saw Vishal getting evicted from the show and as a result not making it to the list of top seven contestants of this season.

On Tuesday, Bigg Boss aired a special episode of the show in which these top seven had to answer the questions of the media. During this interaction, there were many interesting revelations that came to light.

Mumbai Live too took this opportunity to ask Asim on how he had said in the past that the show is biased and if he feels that the show is skewed towards one person or one group, then why does he continue to be associated with it and not leave the same? To which he replied, that he felt only one side of the story was being aired and his complete narrative was not being shown which is why he had used this but later admitted that he did make a mistake. 

One of the media representatives then asked Asim that every time he is told that he is not getting the visibility, he starts showing his aggressive side. So does have any other talent than showing aggression on the show. 

On the other hand, he has been in the limelight since the weekend ka var episode when Salman Khan probed him about his relationship status and questioned on how serious was he in regarding fellow contestant himanshi. He was asked if he has a girlfriend outside the house or not. He asserted that he isn't dating anyone and is indeed in love with Himanshi. He even said that now that he has become popular, people trying to encash on the same by spreading such link-up rumours. 

Rashmi Desai was asked if she was single and ready to mingle. To which she replied she is very much single but not ready to mingle. However, she added that after departing from the Bigg Boss' house she would be confronting Arhaan on various counts. 

Many journalists questioned Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz on their equation. Some even put forward the fact that Shehnaz's "emotional attachment" to Siddharth grew only after Vikas Gupta came on the show and talked about how popular their pairing is. He even coined the term "SidNaz" for them. All through the interaction, she maintained that her closeness for Siddharth is not just for the show and even went on to say that they would like to explore this "relationship" further after coming out of Bigg Boss' house. 

Another question that was often asked to Shenaz was about being a "flipper". On this, Shenaz continued to hold her ground saying that she did not belong to any particular team. However, after the question answers were over, in the episode that aired, we saw Shehnaz accepting that the relationship was only for the show. Post which, Sidharth starts to argue with her and later they are even seen fighting in the bathroom. Shehnaz had broken down toward the end of the media Q and A and continues to be inconsolable post that and even went on to confide in Rashami Desai that she does not want fame like this ('aisa fame nahi chahiye media mein).

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