Bigg Boss 14: From nepotism to negativity, know which contestants get nominated tonight

Bigg Boss 14: From nepotism to negativity, know which contestants get nominated tonight

The new wild card contestants have added a new spark to the show and exciting twists and turns are now awaiting in the Bigg Boss House. Kavita Kaushik is selected as the new captain of the house and Eijaz Khan advises her to be extremely strict from the beginning so the co-contestants don't take her lightly.

In the first day of the captaincy, Kavita instructs the housemates on the rules of the house and how the ones who are found flouting the rules will be punished. The first contestant to come under her radar is Shardul Pandit as he follows Pavitra’s instructions and not the ones that the housemates have agreed upon. Kavita flares up and warns Shardul to not break any rules. She very sternly asks him not to act like Bigg Boss. Kavita also pulls up Pavitra giving rise to a massive argument. Even though Kavita is the captain, Pavitra reminds her that she has just entered the house and cannot simply boss around.

Later in the day, Shardul is seen flirting with Pavitra and puts on his anchor’s hat. He tells Pavitra that she can only flirt with Shardul and not look at any other guy in the house. Pavitra reciprocates and blushes. He also plays a cupid between Jaan-Nikki and Naina- Rahul. He tries to patch them up and plays a perfect love guru.

 Up next, the most dreadful nominations task is announced. Each contestant has to nominate the ones they feel deserve to be out of the house which leads to a lot of clashes between everyone. Rahul nominates Jaan and the two have an epic clash afterwards as Rahul questions Jaan’s talent. Rahul also nominates Rubina because he feels that she has a lot of negativity within her. Rubina and Nishant nominate Nikki, who in turn nominates Nishant. Captain Kavita then gets a special opportunity where she can save one person from the nominations tonight.

 Who will be the contestant that Kavita will decide to keep safe from the nominations? Will Shardul manage to woo Pavitra? What’s the result of Jaan and Rahul’s epic clash? And finally, who will be those contestants who will face nominations?

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