Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan questions Rakhi about her behaviour

Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan questions Rakhi about her behaviour

It’s time for Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar as Salman Khan takes the stage as viewers witness drama and entertainment! While on Saturday, Salman took Rakhi to task and questioned her behaviour, this time he addresses Rubina and Abhinav’s actions on the show who have been clashing with Rakhi since the past few episodes.

Salman Khan makes Abhinav realize that while Rakhi spoke to him in a harsh manner, even Abhinav and Rubina used words for Rakhi that were by no means polite or nice. Abhinav tries to justify his reaction towards Rakhinbut he eventually admits to his mistake and realizes just where he went wrong.

The episode also marks a start of the connections week wherein housemates will be joined by their connections to further the game with the semi finale approaching now. Rubina’s connection is her sister Jyotika Dilaik, who also shares some insights about Rubina’s behaviour. This is when Rubina shares just why she has been so aggressive in her attitude in the house. She shares how her familial relationships were affected by her temper issues. She even admits that she has felt suicidal in the past. It’s time for Rubina to some self-introspection as she admits her faults and promises to stay more positive henceforth!

Find out who all have entered as connections for the housemates in tonight’s episode on Bigg Boss!

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