My experience of working with Yash Raj Films helped me a lot in Aladdin: Taaruk Raina

Taaruk’s performance as Aladdin in the new musical produced by BookMyShow has garnered a lot of appreciation. In an exclusive interview, he ‘new kid on the block’ shares his thoughts about his past and the present as an artist.

  • My experience of working with Yash Raj Films helped me a lot in Aladdin: Taaruk Raina
  • My experience of working with Yash Raj Films helped me a lot in Aladdin: Taaruk Raina

The first time I read about Taaruk Raina was during the launch of Star Plus’ reality show, Dil Hai Hindustani, and I remember asking my friend about the two new hosts, of which one was this talented young boy. The channel had launched their first season with a new face as a host, where Taaruk did an impressive job. Little did I know that he was extremely talented, not only as an actor but as a complete performer. He can sing, dance, act and do a lot more at once. I watched him perform LIVE at the media screening of Disney’s Aladdin, where he was loved and much spoken about.

I met him, along with the lead cast of this BookMyShow musical, to understand his hard work and efforts behind this character.

For a lot of us, the ‘Aladdin’ brings back many memories. On being asked the same, Taaruk said, “My first memory of Aladdin is being a little kid, watching the show on TV and wondering why the carpet is not flying. I always wanted it to fly and this is a memory that I have always had, ever since a child.”

The team of Aladdin the musical is full of experienced actors and technicians. For Taaruk this was a big move, as he was only a few shows old. Talking about joining the team and experiencing the first day at the workshop, he said “When I came for the workshop on the first day, I did not know anyone, until I saw Mantra and Sid. I felt a sigh of relief as I knew the team was great, and these two friends of mine (Mantra and Sid) helped me a lot.”

Taaruk has been trained by the best hands in the country. Being a part of one of the best production houses of India is something many crave for. He has worked with Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films’ banner. Sharing some thoughts of taking his learning and using them in the musical, Taaruk said, “I definitely would say that I know what goes behind the production. I understand the technicalities of the performance and production, and hence it was easy from day one. I was aware of what was exactly needed and expected from me. Working in the production department has helped me to keep my focus strong. I was never confused, and I always found logic in the scenes given to me and this is because of my experience as an AD.

Taaruk shares this role with ace theatre artist, Siddharth Menon. Both play ‘Aladdin’ on specific days but share an endearing chemistry. Talking about the same, he said, “Sid and I understand each other quite well. Despite separate modules, we always work out together and help each other. We train under Nupur Shikare, who is a master with his skills. We trust each other and share a great rapport. As artists with hectic schedules, it is necessary for us to have fun, and we always look forward to it during the workshop or rehearsal. Although we perform on separate days, we stay in touch every day. If one notices, we add our own touch to our performances and make it different, in our own ways.”

Finally, I asked him about the character he’d love to play besides Aladdin, and one wish he’d ask Genie if he was given a chance, to which he quickly said, “I have never got a chance to be evil in my life, and just to challenge myself I want to play Jaffar if given a chance. And one wish, if given a chance, would be the power to be able to spread love and care for everyone.”

Noble! Isn’t he?

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