ATVM gets an upgrade

ATVM gets an upgrade

The Indian Railways which is considered as a lifeline attracts thousands of visitors every day who stand in a queue at railway ticket counter. As this takes up a lot of time, the railways came up with mobile ticketing app unreserved ticketing system (UTS) which was introduced in 2014. This had an option of taking the print out of the ticket by punching one's contact number on Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM). But now, the CRIS has come up with a new feature which will enable the user to scan and take the print out. This has been done to save the time of the commuter who had to wait in a queue punching their number. This facility is available on new ATVM machines which will be installed at selected railway stations.

These are the stations where ATVMs will be installed

Central Railway    Western Railway
CST                           Churchgate
Ghatkopar                      Dadar
Thane                             Bandra
Dombivali                       Andheri
Kalyan                            Borivali

“This ATVM machine will be smaller in size as compared to other ATVMs. This will be installed in a months time. Initially, 25 ATVMs will be installed on five WR stations and then another 25 machines will be installed on five CR stations. We will note down the response of commuters and accordingly will increase the number of machines,” said Uday Bobhate, GM, CRIS.

How to do mobile ticketing?
One has to present between 30km and 2km of the concerned station. Commuters who want to travel long distance such as Nashik, Pune and other cities can also book tickets using the app. Commuters can download this link to book the tickets.

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