BEST to get rid of 1,063 buses by 2021

While the BEST committee members called it a disastrous move, BEST officials have claimed that the buses are being scrapped as they have completed their lifespan and are being phased out as per rules

BEST to get rid of 1,063 buses by 2021

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) on Monday said that it intends to scrap 1,063 buses from its fleet by 2021. The bus corporation said that this will consist of its 870 old single-decker diesel and 120 single-decker CNG buses.

After BEST Corporation said that it will scrap the buses in the coming 16 months, committee members said that they were surprised about so many buses being phased out when the corporation has already reduced its fleet from 4,200 to less than 3,200 buses in the last few years.

A committee member stated that the decrease in the size of the fleet could spell disaster for the Undertaking. To which, the corporation explained that they decided to get rid of the buses as they were completing their lifespan and had to be phased as per the rules.

According to officials, 167 buses will be scrapped by March 2020 whereas the rest will be removed from the fleet bu March 2021. Meanwhile, the double-decker buses in the concerned fleet will be replaced by new ones instead of being scrapped.

As the Corporation plans to remove these buses, the scarcity of necessary public transportation might compel the passengers to travel in crowded buses. The passengers might also have to pay extra money to cab aggregators after the buses are scrapped by BEST.

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