Central Railway to run AC services on the slow corridor

Central Railway plans to bring AC local trains on fast corridor and Harbour line as and when it acquires additional rakes in future


Unlike the Western Railway (WR), the Central Railway (CR) may run its first air-conditioned (AC) rake on the slow corridor for increased ridership. CR would like to start with the slow corridor on the CSTM-Kalyan stretch as many businessmen alight at Masjid and corporate office-goers, at Parel or Currey Road.

The CR is planning to bring the AC services to the fast corridor and its Harbour line as and when it acquires additional rakes in the future.

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A CR official said that they will begin with as many as 12 services. He added that it makes sense to run on the slow corridor because the business community travels in substantial numbers to Masjid, which does not have a halt for fast trains.

On WR, AC services run on the fast corridor since their introduction that was a year ago. However, gradually, it added halts following commuter demand and increased its earnings by Rs 34 lakh in two months.

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