As per data accessed from the traffic authorities, 2019 saw the lowest road fatalities in 9 years. It is said that 403 people were killed in 378 fatal crashes in 2019. This is a reduction of 28% compared to 2011 and 15% compared to 2018.

The authorities credit the fall in fatalities to stricter rules as well as other metrics like crash data analysis and changes brought in terms of design (vehicular and otherwise). As far as accidental injuries are concerned. 2,882 people were hurt in 2,325 crashes in 2019, which is also reportedly the lowest since 2011. 

Elaborating on the data provided, Madhukar Pandey, Joint Commissioner, Traffic said “We study crash data from previous years, analyse reasons and take corrective action. It could be something as simple as installing street lights in a dark lane or increasing the parapet wall of a bridge.”

Motorists, on the other hand, believe the lack of open roads due to congestion is also a factor for the decrease in accidents as vehicles cannot travel at a fast enough speed to cause harm. Experts believe that casualties and fatalities can be decreased further if rules were followed by motorists. 

Activist Ashok Datar put it this way “Besides riding in the wrong direction and incorrectly overtaking from the left, they (motorcyclists) often squeeze into the gap between a BEST bus and a pavement hitting the passenger getting off a bus. More punitive measures, a strict driving licence-issuing system and more education are required.” 

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