Mumbai-Pune train journey to become faster

This will make Mumbai-Pune Intercity Express the fastest train between Mumbai and Pune, faster than Indrayani Express and Deccan Queen


Soon your journey from Mumbai to Pune will become a lot quicker as the Mumbai-Pune Intercity Express will be running faster and save you nearly 40 minutes on the journey. Earlier, the train journey would take around 3 hours and 17 minutes but now the passengers will reach in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

This will make it the fastest train between Mumbai and Pune, faster than the Indrayani and the Deccan Queen. As per the reports, the changes are likely to start today, i.e Friday, May 24.

The reason behind a surge in the speed of the train comes from the new technique. The Central Railways is deploying a new “push-pull” technique on the Intercity Express.

Instead of one, the train will have two locomotives–one at the front to pull, and one at the rear to push. The technique has been successfully used on the Rajdhani Express and the Deccan Queen.