Mumbai: WR planning to cancel 9:53 am Goregaon-Churchgate Fast Local

Passengers carrying out signature campaign to revert the decision

Mumbai: WR planning to cancel 9:53 am Goregaon-Churchgate Fast Local

The number of passengers on the Western Railway is increasing, and there is a constant demand to increase the number of regular suburban trains. However, the Western Railway administration has decided to cancel the regular suburban trains. Due to the air-conditioned suburban trains on the Western Railway, other suburban trains are being delayed and the punctuality of the Western Railway has started to deteriorate. As a solution to this, Western Railway has started the move to cancel the Goregaon-Churchgate fast local train that leaves at 9.53 am during peak hours.

Many ordinary local trains on Western Railway are being cancelled and air-conditioned locales are being run. So, now there are moves to cancel the 9:53 am Goregaon-Churchgate fast local train due to the 9:35 am Borivali-Churchgate fast air-conditioned local train.

Most of the employees of government and private offices go to Churchgate from Goregaon station in the morning. Locals from Virar, Borivali to Churchgate are crowded with passengers. The semi-fast local departing from Borivali has a huge rush of passengers between Borivali and Malad. Therefore, passengers in Goregaon cannot board the local train. Some travellers risk their lives by hanging from the local doors. Therefore, Goregaon-Churchgate local has been started for the passengers of Goregaon, Jogeshwari for the last 10-12 years. This includes Goregaon-Churchgate fast local time at 8:25 am, 8:57 am, 9:33 am and 9:53 am.

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But in the last few days, due to the air-conditioned local train, the time of this local train has been affected and the punctuality of this local is getting disturbed. So now Western Railway has decided to cancel Goregaon-Churchgate local to improve punctuality. Passengers have expressed their anger about this.

Signature campaign to continue local

There is a huge crowd of male and female passengers starting their journey from Goregaon. Taking the initiative of women commuters of this local daily, a signature campaign was carried out in the local for the continuation of the 9.53 am Goregaon-Churchgate local.

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The 9:53 am Goregaon-Churchgate local will not be closed permanently. Currently there is a speed limit on the Up line between Andheri-Vile Parle for sleeper renewal by TRT machine. Due to which the locals on this route are running late. Local services will resume once speed restrictions are relaxed. Also, the 9:53 am Goregaon-Churchgate local will not be cancelled daily, the administration said.

Air-conditioned local trains take longer to open and close doors. Due to this, the punctuality of the entire Western Railway deteriorates. As a result, the Western Railway administration changed the timing of six ordinary local trains by a few minutes in December 2023 to improve the punctuality of air-conditioned local trains. So, Borivali stop of Virar-Churchgate fast local departing at 7:55 am was cancelled.

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