Navi Mumbai Metro Earns INR 2.75 Lakh On Day 1

The Navi Mumbai Metro is the smallest train in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, comprising three coaches.

Navi Mumbai Metro Earns INR 2.75 Lakh On Day 1
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The much-awaited Navi Mumbai’s Metro service was opened for commuters on November 18, 2023, after a delay of over a decade. However, on its first day, the metro service between Pendhar and Belapur collected around INR 2.76 lakh, a report stated.

The metro service brings a wave of excitement among residents as it promises affordable and comfortable commuting options for common men who use the service as a mode of transport now. The service received a great response on its first day of regular operation.

There used to be three main ways for commuters to get from Kharghar railway station to Taloja: NMMT buses, eco-vans, and auto rickshaws. But now that the metro service has been established, travelers have a more affordable choice that not only beats the other options in terms of price but also offers a cool, pollution-free commute that is a welcome diversion.

A journey from Belapur to Taloja via NMMT costs INR 18, which is far less than the INR 140 imposed by auto rickshaws and the INR 25 to INR 30 for a shared eco-van taxi from Kharghar railway station to Papadicha Pada. This serves as an example of how cost-effective the metro is. Notably, eco-vans only run when they are fully occupied, which makes them less convenient for commuters, while NMMT bus services are restricted and time-consuming.

Residents, especially those in Kharghar and Taloja, can now enjoy a more comfortable and timely journey with metro services operating every 15 minutes between Belapur and Panther. When the metro was introduced, it not only solved the issue of affordability for the average person but also improved the quality of transportation in general by providing a frequent and dependable means of transportation in the busy Navi Mumbai area.

The Navi Mumbai Metro is the smallest train in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, comprising three coaches. Three coaches wouldn't be enough, according to commuters who selected this option on the first day.  However, as of now it is giving relief to lakhs of Navi Mumbaikars.

According to Jitendra Gupta of the Mumbai Mobility Forum, this 11.9 km first phase of the Navi Mumbai Metro will not yet benefit the main Navi Mumbai city, except from the nodes of Kharghar and Taloja. For those at Panvel, it won't be very helpful. The upcoming stages will be crucial and helpful.

The launch of Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 from Belapur to Pendhar met with a tremendous deal of enthusiasm from the public, according to Rajesh Patil, Joint Managing Director of CIDCO.

With 20 drivers, including three women drivers, the Metro will now be able to provide its services from 6 am to 10 pm.

In addition to lowering travel costs, the new Metro will help people who prefer comfortable nighttime travel without having to deal with autorickshaw refusals.

The residents are also requesting that CIDCO should install return ticketing at all stations, as it is presently only available at Belapur Terminal.

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