Ola and Uber drivers to continue with their strike

The meeting was called at Ola & Uber’s Mumbai offices to discuss the union's demands but when the cab union members reached the office, there was no one present and the offices were locked


Mumbaikars might have to wait for more days as Ola and Uber drivers have decided to continue with their indefinite strike.

On Thursday, a meeting was scheduled between the cab union and aggregator companies to discuss the former’s demands. However, the same did not take place as Ola and Uber’s Mumbai offices were closed where the meeting was called. Hence, Ola and Uber drivers decided to continue with their indefinite strike. It is believed that concerned officials of both the companies flew to their Bangalore office. 

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Meanwhile, Govind Mohite, General Secretary of Maharashtra Rajya Rashtriya Kamgar Sangh (MRRKS), said that they tried meeting Ola and Uber representatives but they were not present in their offices.

For now, there are around 50,000 app-based cars in Mumbai city alone. The drivers want a hike in a base fare from ₹100 to ₹150 depending on the car range and hike in per kilometre fare from ₹18 to ₹23. 

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