Railways demolish Delisle Bridge prior to their estimated time

Railways had decided to begin the procedure to demolish the bridge within 11 hours but managed to break it an hour earlier


The Delisle Road Bridge situated at Western Railways' Lower Parel station had become time-worn and therefore, a team from IIT-Bombay had conducted an audit of the bridge. After which, the bridge was deemed to be unfit for public use and was declared as dangerous. Accordingly, Railways had decided to demolish it between February 2 midnight and February 3 morning.

While the entire operation was estimated to be an 11-hour job, Western Railways managed to successfully break down the bridge in 10 hours. After which, the first express train in the morning, Avantika Express was run at 7:40 am on Sunday.

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The condition of the bridge was concerning and therefore, the study by Railways, BMC, and IIT-Bombay suggested a new bridge must be formed after the demolition of the old bridge.

The bridge was constructed at Lower Parel in 1921 and was 62.72 long and 23.20 wide.

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