Sandhurst station to be demolished?

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    Sandhurst station to be demolished?
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    Mumbai-Taking into consideration the number of growing passengers, Central Railway has decided to demolish Sandhurst railway station. Central railway has planned to build new 5 and 6 lines between CST and Kurla. For this railway authorities have taken this decision. The new Sandhurst Road Station will be built but on P. D’mello Road, hinted railway authorities. This will create inconvenience to the current lot of communters who are used to the old Sandhurst Rd station.

    As per the proposal of central railway, platform 1 and 2 will run slow trains on the main line (CST-Kalyan), fast trains will use platforms 3 and 4, while two new lines shall be made available for the long distance trains coming all the way to CST.

    The new lines will get a diversion from Dockyard Road. The elevated rail line will shift from west to east over the Wadi Bunder rail yard and touch the P D’Mello Road. It will go parallel to Eastern Freeway and then head for Mansion Road. It will continue to be elevated from Mansion Road all the way till Carnac Bunder, after which it shall come back on the railway land crossing P D’Mello Road. It’ll continue further into the CST and terminate close to platform 18.

    As the iconic Sandhurst Rd station is now making way for new swanky one, one can just say that the only thing constant is change.


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