Auto unions in Mumbai demand surcharge of ₹2

The auto-rickshaw union in Mumbai has demanded a temporary surcharge of ₹2 because of the coronavirus.

Auto unions in Mumbai demand surcharge of ₹2

The auto-rickshaw union in Mumbai has demanded a temporary surcharge of ₹2 because of the coronavirus so that the drivers can provide a safe trip for the commuters. The union has further petitioned state transport minister Anil Parab regarding the same.

Currently, autos are being allowed to ply for essential travel with two people on board. The union speaking to the media stated that the surcharge can enable the drivers to install fibre-glass barriers between the passengers and the drivers further enabling them to keep sanitizers to maintain hygiene in order to contain the spread of the disease.

The auto-rickshaw drivers are one section of the society that have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis massively. Due to the lockdown announce in March, a lot of these auto drivers were left jobless overnight. Moreover, over 2.5 lakh auto-rickshaws operate in Mumbai. Half of them are driven around by migrant workers. Grounded in the extended lockdown with no work or food, most of them were left with no option but to leave for their hometowns in search of the essentials.

There has been news regarding the hardships that the migrant workers have been facing for months now. The daily wage labourers have been the worst affected considering their complete loss of income. Therefore, these migrant workers who have been working in the city were left with no choice but to leave for home as living in Mumbai would mean being reduced to beggars for them. However, with the relaxations in the lockdown restrictions, a lot of these migrant labourers have come back to the city.

At the moment, with the local train services being reserved for essential workers only, BEST buses are being used by commuters across the city with taxis and autos back on road. This makes it easier for people trying to reach their workplaces without much hassle.

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