NCPA Add Art Festival: The Manganiyar Seduction

Nariman Point

NCPA Add Art Festival

Closing Event: The Manganiyar Seduction – An Audio Visual Spectacle by Director: Mr. Roysten Abel | Jamshed Bhabha Theatre 

The Manganiyars are a community of musicians who hail from the heart of the desert in Rajasthan. Traditionally, they are the keepers of their patrons’ genealogy and perform at various occasions for them, who in turn provide them with sustenance. The Manganiyar seduction is an internationally acclaimed audio- visual spectacle. This colourful production brings together nearly 40 talented Manganiyar musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists, in a truly magical setting. Their folklore unfolds with an exciting choreography of melodies that are persuasive and compulsive rhythms, building into a finale of breath-taking interplay of sound and light.  

NCPA Add Art Festival
The Manganiyar Seduction
Roysten Abel