All you need to know about Easter


Here's the rundown for all that goes into the special ceremonies on the pious occasion of Easter:

Palm Sunday: It is actually the Sunday that comes before Easter. It is this day that marks the onset of the festival and is so celebrated commemorating Jesus's triumphal entrance on a donkey in Jerusalem that exhibited his humility.

Maundy Thursday: It is the day that marks Jesus's last supper with his apostles again showing his humility by washing the feet of 12 apostles. And till date, the priests wash the feet of 12 people from the community so as to commemorate Jesus's acts of kindness.

Good Friday: The day when Christ suffered, was crucified and died for his people, marks his victory over the evils prevalent in the world. Ergo, to mourn his death, the Churches perform a mass service in the evening bringing a statue of Christ down from the cross and carrying it to the Church.

Holy Saturday: The day marks Jesus's shift from suffering and death to resurrection. It signifies the wait for His another incarnation. Hence, no mass is held on this, day until Easter Vigil which is only celebrated after dark on Holy Saturday.

So, this is why the auspicious Easter is celebrated across the world, with a hope to always win over the evil.