Shruti Jhaveri unveils her collection 'Fragile Terrains'

Artist Shruti Jhaveri's collection is all about the combination of sustainability and art. It was presented at High Street Phoenix wherein the wall art works are made out of sustainable material.

Shruti Jhaveri unveils her collection 'Fragile Terrains'

Artist Shruti Jhaveri recently unveiled her collection titled 'Fragile Terrainsat High Street Phoenix. It is a unique installation of wall sculptures and art made out of waste paper and on display opposite PVR Theatre in Phoenix till March 11, 2020.

Mumbai-based Shruti Jhaveri, who started this 20 years ago, is the only person in the world practising this unique form of art of creating wall sculptures out of wastepaper and has exhibited it in over 25 shows across the globe including countries like Belgium, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai and New York.  With Fragile Terrains, she shares her childhood dream through an interpretation of the mythical beauty in the oceans. The art installation perfectly displays her sheer admiration for the ocean and corals. 

Shruti Jhaveri at her exhibition 

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The process of creating the paper sculptures includes mixing and moulding wastepaper and treated adhesive to create a 3D effect on canvas. Once the artwork is fully completed and dried, Shruti sprays them with the predetermined colours as per the theme of the collection. Finally, a coating agent is used to give the artwork a protective, hardened and waterproof quality. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Overall, the designs look fragile and delicate while being hard and lightweight at the same time. 

Talking about the same, Shruti said, "The sculptures are fluid, organic and mid-flow, drawing inspiration from similar forms and phases of an individual's lifespan. Each work showcases a golden period of one's life." 

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, she has been creating unique paper sculptures out of intensive experimenting and research. She says, “This hunger to learn has made me adapt in different situations, using the elements I studied. The love of dancing and music has given me the confidence to create, innovate and express better through any form of art.”  

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Following are some of the installations at High Street Phoneix: 

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