In The Pursuit Of Capturing Perspectives: Sanika Devdikar Presented Her Photo Exhibition 'Stree' at Kala Ghoda

The photo exhibition was held from August 6-12 at Artists Centre in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

In The Pursuit Of Capturing Perspectives: Sanika Devdikar Presented Her Photo Exhibition 'Stree' at Kala Ghoda

With a pursuit of capturing perspectives unseen and unheard yet, 23-year old Sanika Devdikar presented her photo exhibition at The Artists in Kala Ghoda. The exhibition was held from August 6 to August 12 with theatre director and social activist Sushama Deshpande along with photographer Amruta Dhavale being the guests of honour. 

Stree - Women Without Filters 

The women you see here

are the women you meet in daily life.

Women in these frames, 

each one comes with a different story, a different background.

Each struggled individually with difficult times, difficult minds. 

Each pose filled with grace and unadorned beauty.

Each uniquely inspirational in the ever-changing world. 

Wide-eyed wonder looking at ancient sculptures of women

in their detailed delicacy and intricate intimacy

encapsulated here 

in sepia tones. 

-Sanika Devdikar 

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India has a long way to go in treating women equal. All my life I have seen women struggle to find their voice in society. Being a student of Fine Arts I've tried my best to get my message across through a form I know the best - Photographs. Each frame captures women in their most raw yet liberal form. Some are simple sepia tones but have a myriad of emotions behind their expressions. For example, in the area where I stay the idea of seeing an elder woman in a kurta is absurd to people. The unsaid rule that after marriage no matter what the age of women is, they're only supposed to be draped in a saree, certainly prevails. I had requested my grandmother to pose wearing a kurta and she happily obliged. I have tried my best to capture her intrinsic smile in one of my frames. 


Sanika's grandmother 

Talking about people's response to her exhibition she further said, 

It brings me sheer joy that people are getting the concept without there being any explanation below every picture. In some photographs the subjects are undressed and people have complimented me about the click without batting an eye. I'm so glad that people didn't consider it as vulgar or obscene but took it as a piece of art. 

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