Author Ajinkya Bhasme Unveils His First Psychological-Horror Book

The book launch was held at Bombay Adda and bestselling author Faraaz Kazi and Big Boss celebrity Sushant Divgikar unveiled the book.


Bigboss 8 contestant and LGBTQ activist, Sushant Divgikar launched India’s first psychological fictional horror book ‘As death stared back’ written by author, ex-scientist and IIT Bombay alumnus Ajinkya Bhasme, at Bombay Adda. The book is based on a real-life incident of a psych patient where the author is creating awareness about Capgras Delusion and mental illness in India.

The chief guest for the launch was bestselling author Faraaz Kazi. 'As death stared back' is  Bhasme’s second book in which he narrates a true psychological horror story which is a distinctive tale of a modern-day nuclear family whose life gets disrupted after the untimely demise of the man of the family.

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Talking about the same author Ajinkya Bhasme said,

“India is a place where mental health is not talked about openly and when it comes to Capgras delusion, the awareness just isn’t there. It is the least researched and the scariest syndrome that affects not only the patient but also the caregiver. This book is not like a textbook that only tells about Capgras delusion, it will take readers on an awareness trip, and further explore the subconscious."


Sidharth Jain, Chief Storyteller at The Story Ink said,

I really appreciate the concept of this book and how Mr. Bhasme has penned down the whole fictional plot. It is a masterful tale of the horrors of a human mind and the wretchedness of the soul. He has spun the plot like a spider web, with beauty and intricacy, where each strand seems individual, but when you look at the complete picture, it is all connected. Every word is written in As Death Stared Back is very intelligently chosen to satisfyingly connect it to the end.

Notably, Ajinkya Bhasme who is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and currently working as a full-time HR manager had penned his first book in 2018 which was titled as 'When The Devil Whispers'. You can check out the trailer of 'As Death Stared Back'- here

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