Neeraj Kumar's Khaki Files Sits On The Edge Of Believability and Impossibility

Published by Penguin Random House, Khaki Files is a readable collection of true crime stories that gives us an insight into the extraordinary challenge that our police force faces. The author brings both side of the conundrum in a compelling narrative.


In Khaki Files, former Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar revisits many high profile police cases of his career -from investigation of one of the biggest lottery frauds in the country to a failed ISI attempt to kill Tarun Tejpal and Anirudh Behal of Tehalka- the book brings to light numerous achievements of the country's police force which is otherwise largely reviled and ridiculed.

The narrative sits on the edge, making one believe in what is rather thought to be impossibe. It not only shows the humane aspect of police personnel but also changes your outlook towards criminals. 

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The first chapter 'Matter of Chance' makes a huge impression. We understand why the lottery system is now illegal and the eye-opener story reveals that lotteries is never a matter of chance but an organised racket by habitual cheats to dupe the common man. Those who repeatedly keep on trying their luck on the lottery are unaware that they're putting themselves in trouble. 

Another chapter titled 'Da Lakhvi Code' (Dan Brown fans might get the reference) deals with a terror attack that was plotted by ISI in 2003 at India Gate and how Kumar and his colleagues cracked a code and ensured that the plan failed. It tells us the reason why visitors are unable to approach the base of the war memorial for a closer look in India Gate.  

Followed by the chapter 'The Devil's Advocate' wherein Neeraj Kumar supported a killer of his close associate and the reason is sure to leave you with bitter-sweet feelings. We even get to know why certain bills were passed by the Supreme Court and the reasons behind it. 

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Khaki Files is a readable collection of true crime stories that give us insights into the extraordinary challenge that our police force faces. It even talks about politics in the police department and intervention of ministers in investigations without naming any of them. The author brings both sides of the conundrum in a compelling narrative.

After Dial D for Don, Neeraj Kumar has penned another compelling narrative revolving around crimes in the country. Neeraj Kumar is the former Commissioner of Delhi Police, who retired from the Indian Police Service on 31 July 2013. He belonged to 1976 batch and AGMUT cadre. He recently completed his tenure as the Chief Advisor to the BCCI for their Anti Corruption & Security Unit.

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