Crossword Bookstores Completes 27 Years In Spreading The Joy Of Reading!

On the occasion, Popular author and historian William Dalrymple launches his latest – The Anarchy, on the joyous occasion

Crossword Bookstores Completes 27 Years In Spreading The Joy Of Reading!

The festive season has just begun and festivities went a level higher for book lovers as Crossword, India’s leading retailer completed 27 years. On the occasion of its anniversary, the bookstore invited renowned author and historian, William Dalrymple to unveil his latest book, ‘The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Violence, and the Pillage of an Empire’, at a close-knit event held at Crossword Bookstore in Kemps Corner. 

Making the evening more colloquial and grabbing the audience attention, William Dalrymple drove an enticing dialogue with the audience and shared his views about East India Company’s outlook in running the country and its effect on the motherland.

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The evening took the spectators to the reality of our historical incidents and background. The conversation went back to the colonial times and showcased how East India Company ceased to be a conventional company and became something much more unusual: an international corporation transformed into an aggressive colonial power.

Through this book and delving into the country’s historical past, William Dalrymple expresses his views about how the Mughal Empire-which dominated world trade and manufacturing and possessed almost unlimited resources-fell apart and was replaced by a multinational corporation based thousands of miles overseas, and answerable to shareholders, most of whom had never even seen India and no idea about the country whose wealth was providing their dividends.

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Celebrating the anniversary of Crossword with a fun-filled cake cutting ceremony, William Dalrymple addressed the audience by saying,

On this highly significant anniversary of the 27th birthday of Crossword, I am thrilled to be here. This is my third event with Crossword and they have been very kind to me. I am always pleased to be in Mumbai but never more pleased when I am in a Crossword book store.

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