The 'World Breaking Classic India Qualifier' to take place for the first time

The two days event will take place on April 13-14

The 'World Breaking Classic India Qualifier' to take place for the first time

World Breaking Classic is the biggest 2on2 Breakdance Championship in the world. With an impressive social media following exceeding 2 million and past livestreams attracting over 100,000 views, each edition consistently amasses over 2 million YouTube views.

For the first time, the World Breaking Classic India qualifier will take place at Malad, Mumbai where dancers across India will be showing up to participate in the event.  This qualifier has been organised by Ramesh Yadav aka TORNADO who is a prominent figure in the Indian Breaking scene. Four time National Champion, Ramesh has represented India in numerous competitions.

He was the sole Indian to progress past the pre-selection stage, showcasing his skill on an international level at the Asian Breaking Championship 2023. Along with this, he became the first Indian qualifier in his category, by reaching the top 26 in the 2023 Japan Olympics. He wants to elevate India's status in the global Breaking community.

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When he was approached by WBC, he took the initiative to organise the India Qualifiers, bringing his dream closer to reality. Tornado's company Rebel Crew collaborates with the main organisers of WBC in Amsterdam, spreading awareness within the Indian Breaking community and ensuring widespread participation & attendance.

The WBC India Qualifier has received these many entries:

  • Bangalore- 10 
  • Jaipur- 09
  • Meghalaya-06
  • Delhi-07
  • Lucknow- 06
  • Madhya Pradesh- 10
  • Pune- 08
  • Nashik- 06
  • Nepal- 06

Meanwhile, Mumbai dancers will walk-in to showcase their talent. Amongst the participants, two will be selected who will then represent India in Asian Breaking Championship 2024 at Taiwan. 

“India, having never hosted the event previously, has traditionally seen its representatives compete through other Asian countries. This marks a historic moment as India hosts the qualifiers for the first time, a significant milestone in our nation's Breaking journey”, said Rishikesh Pandya, founder & venue partner, TMA Club.

Event Details 

  • Event Name: World Breaking Classic, India Qualifiers
  • Date: April 13-14 2024
  • Location: TMA Clubhouse, Manori Island, Malad West, Mumbai
  • USP: First-ever World Breaking Classic qualifiers to be held in India
  • Categories: Solo, Duo, Kids Round - B-Boys & B-Girls
  • Objective: A platform to showcase talent & represent India on the global stage
  • Highlights: Opening act by Four 3 Ki Toli
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